3 comments on “Book review: Atanu Dey’s Transforming India

  1. Vivek, thanks for the book review. I agree with you as I have read Atanu Dey’s book and I too think more people should read it.

    One point that I cannot agree with in your review relates to Manmohan Singh. Although he has a PhD in economics, he does not rank even among the second tier Indian economists. That’s because India has produced world-class economists — Pranab Bardhan, TN Srinivasan, Jagadish Bhagwati, Partha Dasgupta, Deepak Lal — just to name a few. Compared to them, Singh is a nonentity in the world of economics. Whatever Singh’s achievements, there are practically none in economics. He is a good bureaucrat and is good at taking orders from his superiors.


    • Hi Yoga,

      Thank you for stopping by and your comment. đŸ™‚
      You are right about Manmohan Singh. My larger point was that 8 years ago, the general understanding was that Dr. Singh given his background and political experience would be a pretty good choice for PM. Given all that, what has transpired is really disappointing. That, I believe, is more important than discussing if Dr. Singh is among the best economists in the country.

      • Yes, the general understanding is (and has been) that MMS is an “honest” man. This is the perplexing thing to me given he has presided over the most corrupt regime conniving every crime. He is most despicable and dishonest politician (to borrow Atanu’s words).

        But, I guess it goes beyond that. The corruption is rigged into our system. Any time Govt control is there, it cripples economic growth…

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