8 comments on “Wiping the slate clean….

  1. Bengalooru. Similar stories.

    California:Indian::Bengalooru:: _______
    1. Ennada Tamilians
    2. Teriyon Malayalis
    3. Chep ra telguites
    4. etc etc etc
    Don’t you dare fill in Kannadigas there..

    • But I will dare to fill in Indians there and that is my point. Tamilians, Malayalis, telguites and ‘etc etc etc’ are Indians and Bengalooru is a part of India. California is certainly not a part of India. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. If you can argue that Tamilians, Malayalis, etc. are Indians then I must argue that Indians, Chinese, Koreans, Americans are techies. We all live here together in harmony.

    • Let me rephrase. What I meant was that the number of Indians in that particular area of CA is overwhelmingly larger than what I had seen in Tucson (and that is applicable to not just engineering schools, but across other domains as well)….

  3. I feel that people outside their homeland fall in two categories: (1) Running away from their homes to avoid some thing unpleasant back home (2) Away from home on a mission, but mostly finding the new land unpleasant (there could be lot more categories, but not significant in this discussion). Type-1 avoid identifying themselves with anything related to their homeland. Type-2 are always looking for something that connects them to their homeland.

    I have also witnessed the Indian attitude which you talked about. But, I have also met some people who were overly friendly just because we had common origins. I believe same kind of people exist in every ethnicity. There may be Chinese trying to avoid other Chinese, or African trying to avoid another African, which we may fail to notice. And if they don’t I will assume that they have more political awareness than us ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I second your observation regarding the two categories. But for some reason, I feel most Indians here (especially techies) are a little condescending (I know I am generalizing but consider the majority and you will see that this is true). They have that “been there done that” , “I know this place better than you” kinda attitude at most times. Unfortunately, I have met a lot of these guys in technical interviews here (and this is the last place where you want to meet such people).

      I guess these things exist in other ethnic groups as well, but being an Indian, I experience this a lot more than other ethnic groups (simply because of the overwhelming number of people from my country that are in US) ๐Ÿ˜›

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